Traffic Regulations app

The app for learning traffic rules with tickets to test knowledge

Project description

Traffic regulation is a cross-platform app that works offline. You need the Internet only to make purchases. App has an enjoyable design.

Technology and methods:
Android: Flutter, flexible and extensible architecture using dependency injection и provider package, in-app purchases
iOS: Swift, CocoaPods, in-app purchases


  • Adding features that don’t require an internet connection
  • Incorporating amazing branding design
  • Using modern technologies and methods: Kotlin, Dagger 2, Push notifications, Services, RX, MVVM, Realm


  • Develop a high-quality application with a clear interface and fresh design
  • Ensure stable operation of all functions
  • Add both offline and online features


Smart learning

Progress is updated every time a user goes through a workout, that’s why you are always motivated to learn rules properly.

Only actual material

Actual preparation for the exam and a complete set of preparation - materials, training, training exam.


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