The app for pilots for easy payment of fees and charges at airports and airfields

Project description

Application for searching best tickets on the airplane for some route and buy them. Will be released in May-June 2019

Technology and methods:
Kotlin, MoxyMVP, Realm, Retrofit, Dagger, Butterknife, Data Binding, Android Billing, Scanning tickets, RxJava 2, Payments


  • Adding features that don’t require an internet connection
  • Incorporating amazing branding design
  • Using modern technologies and methods: Kotlin, Dagger 2, Push notifications, Services, RX, MVVM, Realm


  • Develop a high-quality application with a clear interface and fresh design
  • Ensure stable operation of all functions
  • Add both offline and online features


Mobile payment at airports

With PilotPay you can comfortably pa y your airport fees via your smartphone. No more doubt about the amount of land and parking fees, no more long distances to flight control, no more waiting times and no more small change.

Automatic calculation

Select your airfield, enter your aircraft and flight details. PilotPay will calculate the fees for your flight automatically.

The app allows to pay at 10+ airfields in the United Kingdom.


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