The Rock & Wall app

The app for passionate climbers who want to track their climbs, see your progress and more

Project description

Fitness tracker for climbers.
The application allows users to track their climbing history and grade achievements. The app contains a lot of different grade systems for climbers in each region so climbers can select the gym, grade, and difficulty for tracking their climbs. After the workout, they can analyze history, marks and time for each climb. When user start climb tracking the application can analyze activity status and check when climber broke off the wall (using accelerometer and gyroscope) to stop recording and save the result.

Technology and methods: Android Sensor, Realm, Animator, Kotlin, Foreground Services, Dagger, RX, Retrofit, MoxyMVP


  • Adding features that don’t require an internet connection
  • Incorporating amazing branding design
  • Using modern technologies and methods: Kotlin, Dagger 2, Push notifications, Services, RX, MVVM, Realm


  • Develop a high-quality application with a clear interface and fresh design
  • Ensure stable operation of all functions
  • Add both offline and online features


Activity tracking

Track your activity on artificial walls for Bouldering and Climbing (Top Rope, Sport/Lead, Ice) including Psicobloc

Log your climb with or without timer

Receive points for each successful climb and track your progress

Statistics and Achievements

View Statistics and Achievements

10+ Grading Systems

Gym membership cards wallet to keep all your passes


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