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Beauty Booking

All-in-one solution for finding beauty masters and clients and CRM system


Powerful tool for self-management, setting up goals, tracking progress, doing reflexion, keeping the calendar up to date


Client for any open VPN and Stunnel


App for photo printing booths with payment integration, effects and others tools


App for analysing air conditions remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


App for playing slot machines online and getting plush toys

The rock&wall

Climbing tracking app with various grade systems, connection with gyms in different regions, and difficulty levels


Interactive video-based network for candidates, recruiters, employers, influencers for finding networking and professional connections


CRM system for tracking the status of the company things (test devices, laptops, etc.). You’ll know who took the item and when, what time the person plans to give it back, etc


The app connects remotely the scales that determine the displacement of the axes of a car and the current center of gravity

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